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The Executive Facilitator™

The Executive Facilitator is designed to give your managers, team leaders and meeting participants the skills they need to successfully facilitate team or workgroup discussions that lead to action on key work issues. The program targets the Verbal and Non-Verbal Facilitation skills, techniques and tools that set effective leaders apart and makes their teams more productive.

Participants will learn to:

  • Apply essential facilitation and presentation skills with other members of the class.
  • Keep the group engaged and involved by using a variety of questioning techniques.
  • Use a variety of methods and tools – including Brainstorming, The Pop Corn Approach, Round Robin and Nominal Group Approach, T-Charting, Matrix Diagram, Force Field Analysis, Fishbone Analysis, and Flow Charting to help groups generate, display, organize and/or evaluate ideas.

Participants practice what they have learned in a “Put It All Together” Video Taped Exercise that requires them to facilitate a group discussion with members of the class.

This is a Two Day Program. Class Size varies to your Specific Objectives.