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The Executive Presenter™

The Executive Presenter Seminar will increase your confidence and effectiveness in the delivery of your business presentations. Participants are VIDEO TAPED FIVE TIMES during the session and receive immediate feedback.


Participants focus on the following Speaker’s Success Skills


Video Tape One: Developing Personal Presence, Poise and Confidence. Controlling Speech Anxiety.
Video Tape Two: Creating Energy and Enthusiasm with Movement and Gestures.
Video Tape Three: Building Vocal VIP, Volume, Inflection, Pacing and Eliminating Fillers.
Video Tape Four: Engaging your Audience utilizing Effective Eye Contact.
Video Tape Five: Put it all Together. Conducting Successful Question and Answer Sessions.

This is a One Day Program. Class size up to 15 participants.

The Executive Presenter + Plus™

The Executive Presenter+ Plus is a highly interactive program which focuses on the vital presentation skills your professionals need to build confidence and effectiveness in the delivery and content of their message. Participants see immediate results because the class design engages each person with active participation and feedback. The workshop targets the Speaker’s Success Skills of The Executive Presenter. +PLUS it adds the structure, design and organization to develop a strong presentation that will hold an audience’s attention. Participants will develop their presentation’s Opening, Transitions, Body and Conclusion so to ensure audience interest through the entire presentation. Participants will be VIDEO TAPED numerous times through out the session and will receive supportive feedback on area of strength and opportunities to improve.

This is a Two Day or Three Day Program. Class Size varies on Your Specific Objectives.