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Executive Selling Skills

The Executive Selling Skills program teaches a client oriented, customer focused, consultative selling process. It is designed to assist your sales professionals to develop strong long term relationships with their clients and increase the results of their selling efforts. The program was developed with two essential characteristic to enhance the learning process:

  • Real World Application

Participants prepare and work on issues they are faced with everyday with their clients. They will evaluate, analyze and apply their specific sales strategies to their specific client account.

  • Personal Awareness

Participants use personal Diagnostic Tools to help them gain insight and help them identify and better understand their approach and their client’s approach to a variety of situations. In addition your sales team will collect information on their selling skill sets through interactive role play and video taping.

This course is a modular program where most topics can be covered separate from the others giving you flexibility in content and scheduling.

In Executive Selling Skills your professionals will learn to:

  • Plan and Prepare to Partner with their clients to achieve their sales objectives.
  • Understand The Client’s Buying Process.
  • Understand The Executive Selling Process.
  • Build Trust and Long Term Relationships with their clients.
  • Identify the Personality Styles of their clients and be able to flex to any individual’s style.
  • Develop a Personal Positioning Statement that differentiates them from the competition.
  • Understand the client’s needs and problems by asking questions that uncover information that aligns with their solution.
  • Present their business solutions in an enthusiastic and organized presentation that connects the benefits of their product/service with the client’s major issues and challenges.
  • Negotiate pricing, terms and issues for a Win-Win.
  • Manage client resistance by understanding the five approaches to any client objection and overcome the objection by implementing a four step process.
  • Gain Commitment from the client by gaining Agreement, Advancing through the process and Asking for the business.

After attending the Executive Selling Skills program your sales team will be prepared to apply what they have learned in class.