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The Executive Trainer™

The Executive Trainer is a Train the Trainer program that teaches the necessary platform skills that your staff needs to deliver training sessions effectively and with confidence. All participants practice utilizing effective presentation skills that will improve their performance as trainers.

Your trainers will learn to:

  • Create a positive classroom environment that motivates participants to learn.
  • Prepare their classes to be productive and free of distractions.
  • Understand important Adult Learning Principles.
  • Give accurate and supportive feedback that improves trainee performance.
  • Identify, redirect, and manage problem participants.
  • Facilitate large and small group discussions that actively engage participants.
  • Conduct Question and Answer Sessions that generate interaction and understanding.

Participants will apply what they have learned by presenting one of their training sessions to the class. This program will be Video Taped and reviewed with feedback.

This is a Two Day Program. Class size varies to your Specific Objectives.